«  This book is very useful because it really gives all the details and these details are making all the difference !  »
Fabien Gilot, olympic and world champion.

The crawl is a very technical stroke : whether you are a beginner or a confirmed swimmer, it is never useless to try to perfect your stroke technique.

This book will help you better understand and swim the crawl, longer, with greater ease and pleasure.

This site will bring you a lot of information and resources in support of the book to give you the keys to an effective crawl: horizontality, body roll, shoulder placement, reach and catch, breathing,…

All aspects of front crawl swimming are clearly and accurately described in details. You will discover the right position and the right gestures to progress, dozens of tips and tricks to avoid the most common technical flaws, etc.

You will never again swim as before and you will not be able to watch swim champions like before.

To help you better know your technical level, please use the technical score calculator of this site. It will tell you where you stand and what points you need to improve.

This site includes a part called “Beginners” dedicated to the more beginner swimmers. The “Advanced” section is aimed at swimmers who already have a good grasp of the front crawl swimming.

Obviously, videos are there to make you better understand and visualize the key points.

This site is not a method in itself: it is all about knowledge and experience sharing in which each swimmer can come and pick-up tricks and tips: maybe, at first glance, a point will seem incongruous but a few weeks later in rereading it will be like a “trigger” for the swimmer to reach new and better sensations in the water.

A best-seller in French language, the book has been translated in German by Copress Sport.